Musashi is one of the main protagonists of the manga Orient. He, along with Kojiro and Tsugumi, embark on a journey to form the best bushi of them all.

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Musashi has short, red spiky hair and blue eyes. He has an average heigh and a well builded body beacuse of his training. He wears a blue shirt that leaves the chest a bit exposed with white designs, pants that reach the calf and shoes that seem to be based on the sandals of the oringinal samurai.

He seems to be quite popular with girls as many have looked at him and thought that he was handsome.

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Musashi is a very cheerful person. He always cares for others. From the beginning of the series he proved to be someone very determined since he firmly proposed to be a bushi along with his friend Kojirou. However, because he was afraid of what others are going to say when he heard that his dream was to be a bushi, he decided to hide it, being judged by Kojirou for doing it. However, when he faced an oni for the first time he demonstrated what his true dream was when fighting alongside his friend.

On many occasions Musashi has shown great appreciation and concern towards those he considers to be his friends, for example when together with Kojirou they saved Tsugumi from her adoptive father and took her to embark on their adventure together.

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  • Musashi has said that he likes women who are too old, because in the abstinence trainings that the miners received they could not notice the girls of the town, so he and his companions only noticed their old teachers.

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